I’m working on a 2D animated show, I needed to re-conform my PT session and I tried comparing two videos, but Matchbox couldn’t match anything (I cropped the area and then it found like 2 matches though…).
Any suggestions for this kind of show? EDLs are useless (because each shot that gets updated has a new name) and dialogue tracks are useless as well (because there are scratch voices and then new actors etc etc).

The first question is why the Video File Matching did not work.
Can you manually line up a shot and look at it in the visual delta view? Has there been some visual change to every shot which might cause it to fail?
Matchbox should perform really well on 2D animation.

EDLs can still be useful if the animation company is using a consistent naming scheme with something like shot_name_version. See the tutorial on VFX tracing for more on this. https://youtu.be/NE1IEV1X3O8

And lastly - a full AAF of the sequence (incl. video tracks) will help a LOT. Because it’s multitrack, Matchbox can look on lower layers and match things that wouldn’t be visible in the EDLs.