AAF and Multitrack not finding any matches

I’m having the hardest time getting anything to match! I’m working on a 6 hour live show the editor cut using only the program track of audio (and a live event mixer recorded a 64 track multitrack). So, I drag in the editors AAF into the Old-Sequence section and can see his program audio (amongst other things), and in the New-Sequence section I drag in the 64 audio files from the multitrack (2 of the tracks are the same program audio tracks the editor used, plus 62 others I’d like synced the same way as well) - and go to have them match any audio. Well, not only can’t I get it matching the 64 tracks, I can’t get even the 2 same ‘program audio’ tracks to match! What am I doing wrong?

You’ve got it backwards. But also there’s a shortcut.
Just drop the editors cut AAF in the NEW timeline, and look for those mix down files that have been hacked up.
Select them and “promote to match ranges”
Now you have a reconform list which relates to the original record times for the show.
Spot all your original source audio into a PT session at it’s original timestamp and run the reconform.
Just double check offset in Matchbox etc to make sure it’s gonna assemble the reel somewhere safe.