Added "new" material in AAFs & Missed Media in Compare

Trying to work this into my pipeline more as it appears “small changes” are becoming more frequent.
I’ve used Matchbox before for small timing changes, but I have an act of a show that has 46% damage and I’ve run into some issues. The biggest being that normally I have cuts, but now I have quite a bit new material. I’m also fluent in MC, so I’ve gone in and made myself 3 types of AAFs between v1 and v2. Self Contained AAFs, Foldered AAFS, and one folder AAF that has all the media in the same Avid MediaFiles folder. All sequences have committed multicam edits.

  1. Does the type of AAF matter?
  2. In the re-conform process, I take it Matchbox does not add the new media from the AAF?
  • If not, can this be an added feature?
  1. I have a new interview that was added and Matchbox is showing a solid 13 minutes of healed media. That new media is sitting right in the thus said “healed” section and it’s not picking up anything. I can even see the new media in the Matchbox app.

I feel like the process would be to still bring in the new AAF under the reconform and add the media missing… But without knowing what’s new, how can I safely do that? There’s no markers for “missing media here”

I’ve watched all the videos on YT, and luckily I know where the changes are in this particular case, but that’s obviously not always going to happen. We’ll get a __ was added when they also added some FX they forgot to tell me about.

Also, I’m testing this at home on a demo version… That has no effect right? Just trying to get ahead before I tackle this issue this week.

Thanks, great software!!! Keep it going.

OK, so turn down the healing setting. You probably want “normal”.
Forceful and Aggro will heal over gaps if the’s no length change. So in your case I’m guessing the inserted material is exactly the same length as whatever was there previously.

Normal will just heal neighbouring regions of footage to make one long range, as long as there’s no little gaps between them anywhere.

None will literally match shot by shot and give you a match object for each.

Another thing to look out for is the list views, where you can filter by “matched/unmatched” so you can see all the stuff that is new or dropped. You can also eyeball the clips in the timeline as they gave a little bar along their bottom edge which shows which part (if any) was matched to something in the old cut.

Adding new media from the AAF is something we would like to add in a future version.

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Adding new media from the AAF is something we would like to add in a future version.

Yes please. I suppose the hurdle in that step would be that the “new” media isn’t in the clip pool. The user would have to import the AAF prior and then check a box/add that offset in re-conform window. The program runs more like a script, so I don’t know if importing the AAF via matchbox would be feasible as it would deselect the tracks etc.

I’ll try turning down the compare preferences and see. My fear with going down to none is that I will get more false positives. I guess a bit more manual work on my end is better than missing something entirely…

A contextual menu on right click for healing would also be a feature request in a new build. Keep trying to do that as I don’t have all the binds memorized, ha.

you can dbl-click those healing linkages or box-select a bunch of matches and heal.
Contextual menu is coming in v2 as well.

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