Adjusting time code of video files


When dragging my aaf into matchbox, it recognizes the timecode and the clips line up to where they were in the pro tools project - but when I drag in a video file, it seems to just snap to the hour mark. How can I adjust the timecode of my video file so that it syncs with my aaf?

Thank you!


When importing Video Files, Matchbox will ask you for a start time for that file. This will be remembered so any time you import that file it will automatically spot to that location.

If you want to move the file, just select it and choose "offset selected… " from the Sequences menu. The new location will be remembered as your preferred location for that file.

Thank you! Much appreciated

Forgive me, this seems simple enough but I cant seem to get this working…
I have a QT ref that has Zero base TC - 00:00:00:00
My Avid Video AAF starts at 00:59:58:00
How do I align the QT to 00:59:58:00?

In Matchbox you can select the video file and choose from the menus “Spot selected To…”