Any way to run selected-matches only?

A great feature of Conformalizer is the ability to run only selected events… great for confirming manual modifications are correct without running the whole kit and kaboodle. Is there a way to do it in Matchbox? As it seems to be now, having a match selected in the matches list doesn’t throw up a prompt of “Run selected matches only or all matches?” Or is there a way to do it otherwise?

Every conform I’ve run in Matchobox so far (going on a dozen) has required that I manually tweak the matches list for the most accurate result. (this is driven by what the pic editor gives me, not a deficiency in Matchbox)


Hi Brent.
Yes, absolutely - the Reconform menu has 2 options:
Reconform (CMD-R)
Reconform Selected Events (OPT-CMD-R)
Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 12.44.02 PM

naturally… I ran across that immediately AFTER posting my question. I feel like the universe gives us answers right after we give up looking. Thanks!

Could a checkbox for ‘Selected Events Only’ be added to the ‘Run Reconform’ window?

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Yeah, not a bad idea - especially if that’s where you expected to find it.
See how you go over the next little while and if it’s still something you feel you’d use, let us know here in this thread