Anyone experience matching using music temp tracks?

I am a composer/music editor.
I have an old and a new temp music file.
Between picture edits, the order and usage of the temp music drafts has been reordered.
It would be great if matchbox could find the new locations (could be anywhere across 90 mins and 50 pieces of music) and also tell me, eg, if a music draft has been used more than once.

In addition - my temp tracks often have volume automation bounced so the same piece of music between cuts might have a different overall envelope. Is this going to always confuse Matchbox?

Many thanks!

that should all work.

problem is that I’m getting very strange results. Sections of music that are clearly the same (some i can see easily by sight) are unmatched and other micro sections are being matched to sections that don’t seem to relate at all. I’ve tried from strict to tolerant settings but it’s not really helping. I’ve also tried with picture and then without picture in case either simplifies but to no avail. Any ideas welcome!

If it’s just temp music, can you send an example to our support@ email address?