Apple Silicon Compatibility

While we all transition to the new apple OS, I thought it might be good to pin this here and update as we know more about each product.

Apple Silicon:
All products seem to be running fine on Apple Silicon under Rosetta. The full rebuild for native M1 support is still waiting on Avid and PACE, but our own conversions are under-way.
For some products (Envy, Stemcell, Spanner), the transition won’t be too tricky, for others it might take a while and force a redesign of some components.

Any updates on M1 compatibility? I guess there should be a new pin for Monterey soon.

Nothing new to add.
We’re all still waiting for iLok to be M1 native.
In the meantime Rosetta seems to be pretty solid.

Just a heads up, but matchbox seems to open fine under rosetta, but pro tools is unable to open the AAX helper (it beachballs and needs a force restart) on my m1, so it can’t actually perform any reconforms. Same behavior under PT 2021 as well as 2019.

Following up on this, I was able to resolve the issue by reinstalling ilok manager, and doing a clean install of matchbox. On Monterey + PT 2021.10. All seems to be working now.

Ah yes, iLok may need to be kept current as the Apple Silicon situation evolves. Thanks a lot for following up.

An update: Apple Silicon appears to pose no issues to the current releases. Full native M1 compatibility will come early next year once we have Avid and PACE qualified for Apple Silicon.