Assembly of production sound via EDL


I regularly receive dysfunctional AAFs, often times not because of the editors fault, but because the current version of the used NLE has a somewhat bugged export of AAFs (Premiere and Resolve are notorious in this regard), so some parts maybe missing etc. With Ediload I can just import an EDL of the production sound tracks and create a reference track (in the form of an AAF) usable with the field recorder workflow within ProTools. This is immensly useful and I can’t seem to find a similar feature in Matchbox currently. Am I missing it or is something similar not available?

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What you’re after is the “assembling” process.
Matchbox focusses on Re-conforming to a changed cut.

Similar situation, wondering what Assembly tools might be out there.
Watched all the Matchbox videos and read the manual. Don’t think it’s quite the right tool but maybe it can be bent to this use? @thecargocult seems to say otherwise and they should know.


  • 7 concerts (15 acts, 1 song each) over 7 days, 1 ProTools session per day, 128trks.
  • Will be cut in AVID using temp mix from each session
  • 1 track AAF of concert sound from locked cut.
  • Assemble 128 trk session of concert sound in final show from each of 7 sessions based on AAF.