Audio-only edit build from dialog WAV

Hello Cargo Cult!

I have a dialog WAV bounce of a podcast edit session that I need to re-conform from its multiple RAW audio (and one video) sources. I’ve been tasked to ‘save the day’ because the first editors made a big mess and the content needs to be significantly reworked.

In attempt to avoid a manual re-edit, I’ve tried the following workflow in Matchbox:

• Add all of the raw, source media to the “Old sequence” box
• Add the 2ch-bounce as the “New sequence” box
• Click Matchup “Anything”

So far this hasn’t created a session that I can use. Is there a better way to create a new Pro Tools session from with this media?

Open to any/all ideas! Thank you so much

That should work, but make sure you’ve got Matchbox 1.5.4 - some fixes were recently made in that area.
Also, try switching between 24 and 120fps - it might give MB a little more or less resolution which might make a difference.

Thank you for the quick reply!

Confirmed I’m on 1.5.4 and have changed to 120fps. I’ve also set the search to “Tolerant” I’m running the process again and is currently taking HOURS! I assume that setting the frame rate to 24fps would take less time to process, but potentially less accurate?

Yes, 120 will slow it down for sure. Tolerant is kinda just a backup. The Standard setting has been the best in every test I’ve ever done.

If you can send the files, please do so and I’ll see if there’s some obvious reason it’s not matching.