Authorization Issue: Spanner4 / iLok not processing surrender for "Spanner3 Bundle"

just purchased spanner 3>4 upgrade.

in iLok I have “spanner3 bundle” which contains Spanner3 and Spanner. ILM sees all, but won’t go thru w/ the license surrender… ILM throws an error. (My theory: ILM is perhaps trying to surrender the indiv. license, but since it’s in a bundle ILM won’t let it be altered on it’s own…)

I did email support about this issue, but posting in case others have similar.

Thankfully my old license is intact, so I can still use Spanner 3.

Yeah, the bundle is the issue.
This is an unfortunate consequence of try to give people more flexibility back when we went to v3.
No good deed goes unpunished.

I need to manually juggle some licenses in your iLok account, and thankfully I can see your account name in that image.

For anyone else coming here with the same issue, please just send your iLok account name to the support @ email address

Thank you Justin for the quick resolution. Bravo! It’s working…

…and you’ve done the (im?)possible… taken a powerful tool and made it MORE powerful while making it simultaneously simpler.