AVID Change Note

Hi guys,

Forgive me in advance if I’m being thick…

I am able to load an AVID change note from the picture department, but in order to get Matchbox to conform properly, I find I have to set my PT session start to 00:00:00:00, regardless of the session in question being for reel 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

Is there a setting I’m missing before I press the reconform button in Matchbox?


Change Notes from Avid will always import with a 0hr start time. This is a limitation of the format.
When you “Run Reconform” you’ll see 2 timecode fields which allow you to offset the copy and paste times by any arbitrary amount.

In your case of r1 you might want to offset the copy times by 01:30:00:00 and the paste times by 01:00:00:00. This assumes you’ve bumped your old r1 content up by 30min to make room for the newly reconformed r1.