Bug: Offsets being applied to Markers, even when "Apply Offsets" is OFF

Hi -

Matchbox 1.4.24 Bug:
Offsets being applied to Markers, even when “Apply Offsets” is OFF.


  • set up a conform
  • turn on "apply offsets:
  • enter an offset value
  • turn OFF “apply offsets”
  • conform clips, with drop-markers set


  • clips are conformed normally as expected
  • Markers are added to Pro Tools with the offset applied, even though it’s disabled.

video demonstration:

Thanks. Bug for sure, but a rare one as it’s a pretty unusual situation to reconform clips without the offsets

It’s come up like three times this week here, with a new workflow: using offsets on short form cutdown work - for instance taking a 90 second piece and conforming ten short pieces from it.

…Every piece the editor sends has a TC01:00:00:00 start, and offsets have made it easier to cope w conforms, just tossing source and dest XMLs in, and conforming w/ an offset instead of loading and offsetting the dest side manually.

To bounce between these reversionings and my other uses and projects, I’ve been toggling offsets on/off frequently lately, and had this come up like three times this week…!

(It occurs to me that Offset is a global setting… but might in fact make sense if offset settings were saved/recalled with conform files…)