Can Matchbox help me

Hi … I don’t own Matchbox yet but i wonder if it can help me on a project i have.

Background: I’m replacing a character voice in a 128 episode animation series and producing new mixes and dialogue stems for them all.
Problem: This series was also cut down to 55 shorter episodes but the editor used the stems. So can Matchbox re-cut my new stems into my old Protools project replacing the old stem ?



Yes definitely.
We have a special feature exactly for that.
Here’s a mention in the tutorial videos:

  1. Drop the AAF or EDL from Media Composer, direct into the NEW timeline of Matchbox.
  2. Select the hacked-up temp mix stem (whichever one you want to do first)
  3. COMPARE menu -> “Promote Selected Clips to Match Ranges”

You can run the reconform and then repeat using the MX stem, FX etc.

Thanks so much … perfect … you have another purchase on the way …