Cant see nor hear AAF

I was talked into upgrading!!

Did I miss something?
I cant see nor hear AAF. Does Matchbox not play MXF files?
I see the clips.
To add AAF is NOT an embedded, is that why??
I can import MOV, and WAV. and see and hear.

EDIT: I haven’t been this excited since the day I started using Conformalizer… 13 years ago.
Import AAF of Supersize. import AAF of cutdown (Source based)
Match clips, Conform my PT session 20 minutes later, I have a 1 hour show cutdown to a 44:30
134 edits, but thats nothing to clean!!! Mix is intact!!!
Thanks Justin for the last chance upgrade path.

It worked beautifully.


Re: AAF audio/video:
No, currently AAF data is just treated as Clips without media attached - it’s just metadata we can use to match between versions of the cut.

Audio/Video FILES are reference QuickTimes or Audio Guides which are real media, and you can see/hear those, and even use them as the basis for comparing versions.

I figured so!

Since I have to get this cutdown out quickly, and first time using this.
I used Matchbox as I did Conformalizer in the past. But with audio AAF instead of a video EDL