Changing/moving between presets in Nuendo


Thanks for a brilliant product. I work both in PT and Nuendo, and wonder how to easily flick through presets in Nuendo. In PT we can use the little arrows next to the preset selection menu to move to the next/previous preset. In Nuendo it seems the presets are not available in Nuendos native preset library (is this an user errror?) so I use the preset menu at the top right of the plugin.

If I click the slapper preset menu to have it selected, and press left or right, the name of presets change but the plugin settings do not change. When searching for a good starting point it would be incredibly fast to be able to flick between presets without having to click into the menu, find the right subfolder again and then find and click the next preset in the menus which are amazingly extensive and well put together.

Any thoughts or suggestions much welcomed :pray:

I wasn’t even aware that using the keyboard arrows changed the selection!
For some reason, that kind of change is not being noticed by the plugin and as you point out it’s not loading the preset.
Same is true for Subquake, except that plugin has buttons for next/prev.

We can take a look at getting this fixed in both plugins.

Native Nuendo presets are not there, simply because every platform has it’s own preset format and it was a nightmare trying to create/update them all and make sure they were installed at the correct location for every user configuration. Using our own preset management system is much easier and more reliable.

Thanks for reporting.

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Thank you for your reply!

That would be amazing. Currently I usually look at the long list of presets and imagining that what I need is readily available somewhere in there with the hours that must have been spent creating the presets. But I often end up making something myself because it is less frustrating than navigating in and out of the menu.

Looking forward to speedbrowsing the creativity that lies within the presets!