Client Chopped up my mix file and sent back as AAF

Hello all!

Long time Conformalizer user, excited Matchbox Newbie.

I have a mix that I gave to my client as a .Wav file. They have since chopped it up, added some new bits and sent me back as an AAF.

I loaded my original Mix (as supplied to the client) as an Audio File into the OLD window and the new AAF into the New Window but Matchbox is not seeing any matches.

I tried Exporting my original mix as an AAF and put that into the OLD window but still no joy.

I feel like I am missing something key. Is there a way to force match?

I do have pictures for both but Video Analysis takes awhile. I can easily import the chopped up mix into Protools and manually conform using spot to original tc. So this is not a dire emergency.

I’m just lazy and want Matchbox to do it all for me.

Any schooling would be gladly appreciated.

Pro Tools Ultimate 20.9.0 HDX
Mac Trach Can Mojave

Yeah, so there’s an important concept that you need to learn when first using Matchbox:
There are 4 types of “stuff” that Matchbox can work with:
Real Audio/Video Files and Audio/Video Clips, (from AAF or EDL etc)

What you tried to do was compare a real audio file against a bunch of clip metadata from an AAF. Matchbox can’t do this as it doesn’t treat your AAF as actual audio.

But there is a good solution for your particular situation:

  1. Load the AAF into the NEW timeline.
  2. Select all the hacked-up clips that came from your original WAV file
  3. Compare Menu -> Promote Selected To Match Ranges.

This creates a bunch of green Matches which should be the difference between your session and the new cut.

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Thanks! That did it!

Now I need to read up why! Or rather what “Promote Selected To Match Ranges” does.

Thanks again and thanks for make such a brilliant tool.