Clips have gaps after pro tools conform

I’m re-conforming after comparing two AAFs exported from Pro Tools with Video. After the re-conform is done the clips that were once joined now have gaps at assumed video cuts, is it part of the process to manual trim together all of these clips? I’m new at re-conforming and was hoping this software would help with video edits during post audio sessions.


So firstly - the AAFs exported from Pro Tools are full of issues.
We don’t recommend or support Pro Tools exported AAFs, and there’s little we can do to make this situation better unfortunately. In an upcoming release we will support the ingestion of the Pro Tools “Session Info as Text” files, which should give you a similar workflow to what you’re attempting.

Next - I wonder why you’re using AAFs exported from PT. You’d normally get the AAF, EDL or XML from the picture dept, so that you know you’re comparing the reel as they cut it.

And regarding “clips that were once joined now have gaps”:
Assuming the AAFs weren’t the cause of the issue - you may have “healing” turned off.
Matchbox first matches every shot against its counterpart in the old version, and then it heals any shots together that have not moved with respect to each other. So one green Match object should represent a stretch of unchanged footage. If you compared with healing OFF, then you’ll see a green Match object for every shot - and these will be the edits that re made in your Pro Tools session.

If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend watching the tutorial videos here:

Thanks for your quick reply!

I have watched your video and read the manual, after reading your reply I suspect the AAF’s are the problem or am I just not getting the concept ha!

Let me explain the AAF’s

I am on a film job as re-recording mixer, dialogue editor, sound design. The production mixer handed off to me pro tools sessions of 10 reels which made up the film. between the time that the PT sessions were made and I received them was a span of several months, since then the director has been editing in premier.

The director has just sent me OMF’s of all of the newly edited reels with some audio that he has since added.
please note the audio the director has been working with was stems from the production mixers pro tools sessions and new audio he has added

I would like to use as a starting point the production mixers PT sessions because the audio has been cleaned and laid out in a workable fashion therefore I would like to conform the production mixers PT sessions to the directors new cuts than import the new added audio from the directors OMFs

I did not know that AAFs from Pro Tools would have issues, therefore I created AAF’s from PT for both sessions and along with their related videos ingested them into Matchbox for matching.

What happened was the audio was not able to be matched by matchbox just the video was and with those matches of video only, I ran my reconfirm in pro tools with not very good results.

After reading your reply I tried another match using the videos only, now with that match the results were better but still not 100%

I’m suspecting the reason the audio would not match was because the AAFs data was not good.

Also I did try matching with a XML file from the director per your instruction manual however that did not help either, when ingesting an XML file do I also need to drag in the related audio files?

One last note, as I mentioned the director is working off of stems from the production mixers PT sessions, however when I created the AAF from that session the stem were not present just the individual audio that made up those stems.

I will try the same thing again creating new AAFs from sessions with those stems imported into the session first.

As I mentioned I am very new at reconfirming I’m thinking now that the most relevant elements brought into matchbox helps it to run smoother meaning instead of dragging the entire PT session in maybe I should just use key elements for matching as in the videos stems pre and post editing, then run those matches as the reconfirm data onto the entire Pro Tools session comprised of all elements.

Any guidance would be appreciated

If you have the editors XML it should include the hacked-up stems that you mentioned were coming form the production PT session.

You can use those stem clips form the XML as the basis for reconforming the PT sessions.

Just load the XML into the NEW timeline
Select all the clips from (for example) the Dialog stem
“Promote Selected Clips to Match Ranges” (Compare menu)
Now you’ll have a set of green Matches which are the reconform from the PT session to the latest version

You can streamline this process by using the list view and typing a search for the Dialog Stem by name.

Also… in the next build of Matchbox (due really, really soon) you can export Pro Tools Session Info As Text and use that in place of the AAF.