Conforming with matchbox

I work for CBC-Radio-Canada audio postproduction for tv. We used to conform our multi-track studio recording using Conformalizer 4. Unfortunatly, il doesn’t work anymore with our new mac pro so we crossgrade to matchbox 5 of our licences.

The situation is: Recording is performed in studio on multi-track. Editing is done with rough mix on video post and the editor give us a single edl.

I have to conform this single edl to the audio source material. I can’t find a way to make matchbox work with a single edl. I don’t want to “reconform” !! I just want to simply conform my edl.

How do I do that ?

So, this is definitely possible with Matchbox, and there’s even a special workflow designed for this situation.

  1. Import the EDL to the NEW timeline.
  2. select the clips which you want to use as the basis for conforming.
  3. “Promote Selected Clips To Match Ranges” (Matches and Diffs menu)

The reason we need to do it this way is that importing a multitrack EDL as a list of changes (“matches” in the new terminology) makes no sense - which track of EDL events is the one to use? You will likely have multiple events overlapping and interfereing with each other.

In Conformalizer we did nothing to avoid this situation and simply left it to the user to find and delete and overlapping events.

In Matchbox, we instead ask you to select the events which you want to sue and the send them to the Matches list. for use in a reconform.

Thanks, it works perfectly with the command.
For clip selecting, I do “select all clips” after selecting one track. It did work well with track 1 but if I select track 3, it also select the clips of track 4. Is there a group fonction I can disable somewhere ?

Thank you !

There’s no group function - I think you probably just had both tracks 3 and 4 selected.
Remember, you can also make a drag-selection over some clips, and you can even search for clips in the “NEW” list, and select them there.