Create new pref for Add Auto Markers to PT

Currently we only send the USER markers to PT.
Is this something you’d want? Let us know.

YES! I think it would be killer if the boxes selected for the type of markers in the Markers window could be sent to ProTools. For example, often it’s the DELETES that get me in trouble with little nubs of fades left over, so being able to focus the area of concern would be great.

Killer-on-top-of-killer = the type of marker is in the name of the marker instead of an *. Or some other code indicating different types of markers.

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If we had multiple marker tracks in PT this would be a lot more useful. I worry that reconforms will eat up too many of the precious 999 markers

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Would you be happy if we simply added one more option for “DROP AUTO MARKERS”?
Or are you wanting 6(ish) separate checkboxes - one for each type?
Might get a bit overwhelming, especially for new users.

depends on what the markers look like… if they are unlabelled with no way to tell by looking what they are for, then not really useful. And true… if I already have 400 markers going, not a lot of room for more. Probably would create a new session just for the conform blueprint if I needed that many markers.

Choosing which markers to drop, and having them indicated as to what type, would be the most useful. A full anonymous drop of all auto markers might make a mess.