Devising a 4.1 downmixer

Hi -

I need to deliver a project in 4.1 which I’m mixing in 5.1.
AKA: delivery format is “Quad plus sub”

Easy: Just insert a 5.1 to 5.1 Spanner, and pan the C channel to both L and R, at -3dB.
(…and then output to a 4.1 path using Pro Tools’ built-in downmixer. But w/ control via Spanner of C level, as needed.)

er, feeling silly but why can’t I figure out how to do this… Turn down C percent on C?

This is (currently) spanner 3, but considering upgrading as well.


Yeah, just pull the C% down to 0%.
Then you’ll need to manually set up the bussing to record 4.1, or just export a 5.1 as split mono and trash the C channel.