Disable Pan Line integration with Video Sync 5

Heya, how do I disable the colored pan lines between Spanner and VS5? They become quite invasive and a nuisance for client playback. If I’ve done automation to balance a 5.1 BG for example, it pops up on playback which is not needed, and sometimes it persists well after the move.

Any setting I’ve overlooked?


Yes there’s a checkbox in the spanner plugin window for OVERLAY.
If that doesn’t stop VS5 then you might need to close the Spanner plugin window to stop it.
I thought there was a preference in VS as well, but I’m not certain.

Unfortunately this behavior still persists after disabling overlays (which were off by default anyways when instantiating the plug on a 5.1 track), Spanner instance open or closed, could be a bug?

Cmd+control disabling and re-enabling plugin gets rid of overlays on playback, but once opening spanner window again, overlays are back and cannot be disabled.

Screengrab with film redacted, but lines visible. https://imgur.com/a/BzUWDPN

Mac, Protools Ultimate 2022.9, VS5 5.4.300 connected via Satellite link.

Any insight here? Happy to debug further next week at your instruction

Anything here?

Sorry for the delay. We need to release a new version of Spanner to fix this.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Mully,

I asked about Non Lethal Application (the maker of Video Sync) about this problem.
They said I was the first one complaining about this ; there is not feature to disable it, however there is a workaround :

" Spanner will search for virtual MIDI ports on the same machine with a defined name and connect to Video Sync automatically. You can select a different trigger input in the preferences :".

If you have no other midi trigger input (happened to me on one of my edit room), you can create one on the Audio & Midi Setup of macOS’s utility.

Cheers !

If you don’t want to bother making a new release, you could add in the Spanner’s manual the workaround about the midi trigger.

Thanks Louis, I’ll do this until the next release. Thanks for your workaround here, this is why I love the resourcefulness of our community :slight_smile:


Looks to be fixed in latest Video Sync update, I will switch back to default virtual midi trigger and test:

Bug Fix

The Cargo Cult’s Spanner overlays are now hidden directly when the plugin window is closed