Documentary Conforming: Weeding out Temp SFX audio clips from AAFs?

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I’m conforming a documentary here. It’s the type of film where dialogue clips are the most important thing to track from version to version, as picture is sometimes changed underneath.

I’m working from AVID AAFs (a mix of embedded and ext media) and picture guide, no additional guide tracks.

The editor has placed a lot of temp SFX, and these are scattered throughout the dialogue tracks so they can’t be turn off track-wise. They have the potential to confuse the conform, as the same sound is used regularly (certain exterior wind for instance) and thus matches all over all the reels of the show.

I’d like to essentially globally “mute” these Temp SFX clips en-masse.

I can readily identify them in the List view, but apparently you can’t “mute” from the list view. (Am I missing something?). Looking thru the timeline view feels laborious and potentially error prone.

Any approaches I’m missing here?

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-jeremiah / san francisco

Yes, this is certainly annoying.
We designed the list view with this kind of workflow in mind, but there is that little roadblock.
Basically, the List view doesn’t pass on the mute command.

The workaround is to click on the main window before calling “mute” or “delete” or whatever you want to do.

Side note: it might even be easier for you to mute all, then search for prod dial somehow, and unmute those.

Perfect! I see what it’s doing now.

Selections in the list view are driving selections in the timeline, but the timeline window needs to be focused for “Cmd-M” to take effect.


I usually just sort by clip name in the list view which normally gives you a block of SFX because they are named different than the production audio. I then just batch select them and delete. Cleans up chaotic timelines in 2 seconds.

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We have this issue solved now and it will be fixed in the next point release. Thanks for reporting.