Documentary Conforming: When AAF clips don't match

Here are timeline screenshots of data from two clips that should match… but don’t.

Not sure what might have happened since the previous cut (in late jan / a festival cut) and now (feature release cut). I’ve launched an inquiry w/ assistant editor, but thought I’d ask here as well. Any clear ideas from the Matchbox side what might be going on?

I suspect the editor may have replaced the media w/ some other version, as source TC does not seem to align.

Any wisdom appreciated including “good luck”


Yeah, the timecodes are different, but there is also a proper file reference on the OLD one.
I wonder if the old AAF was an export fro Premiere which included creating a bunch of new files, with new metadata and timecode.

It would seem strange for the timecodes to be so close though (relatively speaking).

Really, only the picture editor can answer to why they are different.

I’ve inquired with the assistant editor, but editorial is swamped turning out reels and I’ve no response; I have a feeling I’ll just need to suffer on this, however I will point out the proper file reference you’ve called out on only one of these two clips. Thanks.

No premiere on this project…
The “OLD” AAF in question was exported from AVID in January, and is external media, or an alternate version with internal media that seems to show same data.
The “NEW” AAF is embedded media and exported a few days ago.

I’m quite familiar w/ Premiere shows and it’s refreshing (from this technical perspective) to work on an AVID show.


Oh, then the embedded media is the issue.
Something about the export has caused new timecode values to be written to the files.

The assistant editor thought the issue might be related to how the camera and sound had been sync’d in AVID, a method that results in clips with names like “” aka they include “.sync.”

We’ve proceeded with manually matching such clips; nobody could quickly sort out what happened.

Unlinking the new/old sequences and hand-selecting while listening to guide has been the way.