Drop a cut into a healed section

Hi All

Matchbox just matched a whole section for me; the first 3 minutes of the film. Scanning through that section I found a mismatched shot where I need to roll the old picture back about 12 frames to match to the new picture. Is there a way to just drop a cut into that long healed section, make the change to the shot in question, and then continue back into the rest of the healed section, essentially leaving me with three matched sections in what was formerly a matched 3 minute section.

Right now I feel like I have to set the out point before the mismatched shot (everything is right up til then) create a new event and correct the mismatched shot, then create brand new in and out points for the remainder of the correctly matched, but now missing remainder of my initial 3 min section due to moving the out point in step 1.

Hope I’ve been clear in my explanation and thanks in advance

Hi. I see where you’re coming from and we probably do need an extra feature for this.
There is something useful in there already though:

Presumably the shot in question looks different to the one the the old cut, right?
If so, it should have generated a purple DIFF object for that shot.
Select the DIFF and call “un-match selected diff”

It does what you’re asking for, splitting the match into 2 pieces and unmatching the region covered by the diff.

If you want to be a real MB nerd, you could then select the newly-made gap, hit the ? button (SHIFT-CMD-B) to get the sync relationship automatically sorted out, then hit the = button (SHIFT-CMD-N) to force a match for just that shot, using that sync relationship.

Thanks for the reply. I actually use the “Un-match selected diff” in this way and it works great. The problem comes in for me and also the reason a ‘cut’ or ‘split’ command might be useful is that I encounter a lot of times where picture changes have been made AND they’ve also sent us the online, colour-corrected picture file. If they’ve lightened up whole sections, then the whole sections (and sometimes whole shows :smiley: ) also become DIFF objects, and no longer as useful to “unmatch”