Envy license will not activate after move to updated Mac OS

I have updated my computer with a new OS and now I cannot open my Envy stand alone application or plugin within Pro Tools.

I’ve updated my computer Mac OS to Monterey from Mojave, running on a 2013 trash can.

I purchased the Post Production Bundle and all other plugins in this bundle are working. I have de-activated and re-activated my iLok license, and when I enter the code, I get a prompt that I “don’t have any licenses that have activations enabled”. I’ve tried after de-activating the license from my iLok and also tried after activating my Envy license all attempts have failed.

synchronise iLok in the iLok License Manager?
fresh install of Envy?

forget about the activation code - it’s only good for one use, whereupon you have an asset in your iLok account. Can you find that asset in the iLok app and make sure it’s on the iLok you were expecting?