Envy Wish List Requests

Envy is an incredible tool! I feel it’s lacking some features though. This thread is for suggesting missing features.

I like the way the Source acts as an envelope for amplitude or pitch. What I feel it’s lacking is a filter section where you could use the source envelope to control the filter frequency. The filter should be selectable ie. LP, HP, BP, Notch etc. with variable Q and selectable root frequency. The Envelope should also be restricted to a range,similar to how it works with pitch - from small variations to wild extremes. Also the ability to invert how the envelope interacts with the filter. It seems like an obvious fit for Envy .

I’ll probably get more ideas the more I use it but this one really felt like it was missing.

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I would love a preview volume slider (like you’d find in other “Connect” based apps, such as RX).
Most samples are normalized, so comparing the level between an EBU or Netflix calibrated monitoring room and the volume coming out of Envy is a world apart :slight_smile:

For now I fiddle with the post-process gain slider, but would like to see something global in preferences. Unless I’m doing something wrong!

There’s a level slider on every Source or texture, plus there’s the main output level, and then there’s an ouput level trim in the I/O prefs page.

Thanks Justin, that’s what I’m looking for re I/O trim, however I can’t seem to find it. Please find attached screen grab:


Envy 2.0.2. macOS Monterey. M1 16gb Mac Mini

aah, my mistake - we added that to Matchbox in the latest build but haven’t given it to Envy yet - next release will have it.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Howdy, any news on the new release? ta

Hey, thanks for Envy 2.1.2. I don’t see this Output Trim in the Prefs, could you let me know how to find it?

Aaah, yes - that feature didn’t make it into this release I’m afraid. I’ll try get it into the next.

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it’d be amazing if the pitch envelope could be quantised to a scale, maybe with a glide time between pitch changes