Envy wont receive audio from Pro Tools

BUG DESCRIPTION: When I try to send audio as source from Pro Tools to Envy not only it wont send it but Envy will start beeping everytime I open it. The only solution I found to stop the beeping is re-installing the software but I still can’t send audio as source.

SYSTEM SPEC (version for app/plugin, OS, DAW): Envy 2.1.9, Windows 10 Pro, Pro Tools Ultimate 2021.12.0

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Open Envy Connect from the Pro Tools Audiosuite and send an audio as Source

NOTES (detail on variations, intermittent behaviour etc):

ATTACHED FILES (logs, sessions, presets etc):

Grab the log file after causing the issue and quitting.

Firstly, you can manually clear the user/Documents/Envy/HotDrop_ folders. That will stop Envy beeping and clear the failing import.

If it happens again, there’s something screwed going on with your home folder.
Reach out on the support @ email address and we’ll figure it out.