Export change note

Is there a way to export a change note as one can in Conformalizer?



My jealous colorist friend wants me to send him change lists from Matchbox…

So - Trying to figure out how to coax a list export / EDL export etc. AKA export from the “Matches” list tab.

How can it be done? Obviously we can screenshot and OCR but this seems a little silly… (Tho I will resort to silliness, it happens all the time.)

Another hack workaround would be to run the conform on a contiguous source track, then the EDL of that conform is the change list. (and you have to figure out how to get it into appropriate format… aka load in Ediload from a Pro Tools track and export as EDL from ediload.)

Your jealous colourist friend should get in touch and we’ll build them a reconform for their platform.

it’s for Resolve… is there an interop for Resolve in the pipeline?

Yup - Resolve is next on the list.
Nuendo integration is almost done (and it’s ridiculously good)

Very impressed with the Nuendo videos but very excited about the resolve integration. Will definitely be keeping an eye out :+1: