Feature Request: Preference or Setting for Cut Marker Character

Feature Request: Preference or Setting for Cut Marker Character

Use case:
In Pro Tools. I’ve been working on documentary recuts, where I’m reconforming dialogue, sync+fx, and music, each of which has its own unique conform.

For example: interview material used as “voiceover” is often recut completely differently from anything sync.

So I run multiple conform passes each on the appropriate source tracks.

I’d like to, for instance, keep using “-” to mark dialogue conform cuts, and “m” to mark music cuts, and “f” to mark fx cuts…

I can think of lots of other uses as well.


It’s a great idea but it’s really dangerous.
If the reconform process gets screwed up by anything, those characters might get typed while you have audio clips selected, and “m” might nudge things out of sync. “x” is another common request, but obviously that would be just as dangerous.

I think we need to leave this alone for now… and if Avid ever give us the ability to do this via their new Scripting SDK, we’ll definitely look at it again.

I see – I’d not considered the implications of robo-typing the chosen character.

What about a small, constrained set of safe characters? “-” and “=” (the equals from the top row, not the numeric keypad)

oy. May the API become truly robust!