Footage Counter Issues in Summary Tab

I’m fairly new to matchbox but I’m noticing while in footage with the F&F start set to a different hour, as opposed to 0:00:00:00, the “length” and “longer by” numbers in the summary tab are incorrect. For example, in the two screenshots I’ve attached the length of the reel is 21:03:13 which is correct in timecode counter mode but in footage it’s saying the length of the reel is -14304+11 when it should reflect the correct 1895+05 number. Likewise for the shorter by number in footage it displays -16200+00 when in reality there is no length change and the timecode counter correctly reflects a 0:00:00:00 number. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this or is this just a bug? I’m resetting my hours by reel and this one was correctly set to 03:00:00:00 hour for reel 3.

Thanks for feeding back.
That sure looks like a bug, but an easy one to fix.

Oh ok great to know, how often do you guys release patches/updates to fix bugs?

Whenever the fixes are ready. If it’s something critical then we’ll fix and release on the day it’s reported.
At the moment, all products are in beta testing for Apple Silicon, so we haven’t released a point update in a while.
You should see a raft of releases by the end of the month (all going well).