Gain faders when adding a >2ch Spanner to a stereo track

My usual workflow is to add a spanner of matching width to whatever PT channel I’m working on. So 5.1 spanner on a 5.1 track. However, when I add a 5.1 spanner to a stereo track, access to the gain faders greater than stereo (L/R) are not accessible. Often times after panning, I’d want to change my volume balance between channels. I was hoping that whatever width of spanner I use, I could have access to individual channel outputs. Is this something that can be accessed, or possibly built into future updates?

Hi Josh.
Spanner gives you control of the INPUT channels, so there will never be gain faders for the output channels.
If you have a stereo and you want to change the way it arrives in the 5.1 output, you just pan it differently inside Spanner.

If you want to change the width or individual channel balance of the 5.1 signal, you need a 5.1 -> X spanner.

Hey , thanks for the quick reply. I had no idea that main mix was Input faders. That makes total sense. Thank you for clarifying.