Gaps left when comparing and conforming. How do I improve this?


I have pro tools sessions which was used as a field recorder. The TC of those protools sessions matches the EDL’s camera events. But the audio files in the pro tools session were not used in the video edit.

At the moment I’ve created an audio guide track of my stage recorder pro tools session and I have an audio guide of the, new, final video which the audio files within the pro tools session needs to match.

I scan for audio file matches and then launch reconform. For the most part it works. But I’m left with gaps where I continually have to pull out the handles. The audio comparison reconform is omitting areas which you’d believe can be heard clearly. So I’m not sure what the problem is.

How can I make it work better? I’ve also tried audio clip comparison.

I’m currently comparing 2 audio files. I have not been able to successfully compare an audio file to an edl file

Thanks in advance

You should be able to use the EDLs directly, especially if timecode for each set of recordings is unique (different hours etc).

Load the EDL into the NEW timeline of MB.
select the clips and “Promote Selected To Match Ranges”

You could add an optional step of running a “Scan for audible differences” with your guide audio loaded, just to catch any unknown changes the editor has made. They’ll show up as the purple DIFF objects.