Garbled Output


I can’t audition sounds in Envy, the output is just garbled, like when there is a clock/buffer issue.

Doesn’t matter if sending to my interface, built in speakers etc, it’s all destroyed. Renders sound perfect.

No envelopes or processing enabled for this example, to rule them out.

Here’s what it sounds like Auditioning in Envy:
Here’s what the direct render sounds like:
Here’s my Envy settings:

Changing Sample rate does nothing, changing buffer size just changes the grain of the garbledness.
All other apps work, ProTools, Music App, Safari, System Notifications. Clean and clear. Rosetta or Native, same.

Let me know what to try next,

Mac Mini M1
Envy 2.1.9
Ventura 13.2.1
Focusrite 18i20 gen 3 (have tried onboard speakers, same thing)

I’ve tested in Ventura and it’s fine - so that’s not the issue.
Can you check with no other apps running, from a fresh restart?
What about removing the Focusrite temporarily.


Thanks for the quick response as always.

No dice. However I rolled back to Envy 2.1.2 and it sounds perfect, so something in 2.1.9 (for some systems at least) is broken.

For 2.1.9 - I tried removing and reinstalling, I tried AppCleaner and reinstalling. Same result.
For 2.1.2 - Simply installing over 2.1.9 and it works fine. Going back to 2.1.9, garbled.

Let me know if you’d like any files or anything from me to better help determine the cause, or perhaps knowing the diffs between versions might illuminate a change that is the root cause.


Thoughts here?

Thanks for the extra detail on v2.1.2 - that should help us track down the issue.
I’ll let you know where when we find it.


Any luck?

Hey - still trying to find this issue. Can you please reach out on the support @ email address?

Sure thing will do