HELPER PLUGIN NOT FOUND - need help resolving


Recently I’ve come across an error message prompting me that Matchbox was unable to establish communication with the helper plugin. After de-selecting and then re-selecting the security checkbox in system settings, I still cannot seem to get matchbox to connect with Pro Tools.

Any advice would be very appreciated!

Thank you,


OK, there are a number of possible causes, but the one we have just discovered is the following:

Check in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Files & Folders
Make sure Pro Tools has all the boxes checked.

Or reach out to us on the support email address and I can get you a beta of Matchbox 1.5.16 which dodges this issue completely.

Thank you!

Hi i have the same issue and i try to check all the boxes you said, its still not fix. Do you know any other solution ?

There are a number of reasons why this might happen. Try the following and if it’s still a problem, reach out on the support@ address.

  1. turn off iCloud Documents folder.
  2. delete all the System Prefs->Security entries for Matchbox and reopen.
  3. Do the same for Pro Tools. (it needs access to all Files and Folders)
  4. turn off any custom keyboard shortcuts you have set in Pro Tools
  5. try English keyboard layout
  6. Make sure the Helper plugin is open and set to “Use in Playlist”
  7. make sure Pro Tools is set to use the single-key shortcuts (a…z button near top right)
  8. disable any macro apps that might be stealing keystrokes
  9. Try with/without the “Pro Tools Scripting” option in Matchbox prefs.