How to? Delete a single texture file from a project

After adding several texture files to Envy 2, how do I delete the ones I know do not work?
I would assume I could simply hi-light the texture I no longer need and delete it, but all of my added textures get deleted when I attempt this.

Am I missing something? I see no reference to deleting an individual texture in the Envy 2 user manual.

Thank you.

Yeah, it’s as simple as selecting one and hitting delete. If you’re seeing some other behaviour please get in touch on the support at… email address. Maybe include a screen capture and Log file from ~/Library/Logs/Envy

Ah, thank you. My bad.
All is working as expected.

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Came here for this answer, but to convey the user experience:
The plus button adds a (single) new file to import, but the minus button removes ALL textures immediately no matter what is or isn’t selected. I think I intuitively expected the minus button to remove selected textures, not ALL textures. :slight_smile:

Aaaaah, yes, that explains the OP’s issue.
Definitely a bug rather than a feature.
Thanks for reporting.

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