How to Heal Identical Events

Hey, I’ve got a situation where Matchbox has detected a difference and introduced a cut between two regions of clips that are not different. This is fine, but the problem is I can’t figure out how to merge these regions together. I can’t seem to heal when I try using that function and am unaware of any other way. In my situation it’s only one cut and easily healed in PT, but for my own knowledge I want to know how to fix this kind of thing should it come up again.

I’ve attached an image of my session. I want to heal the regions on either side of the diamond.


I just want to follow up to say that I’ve found the solution: This appears to be a bug with version 1.3.0. I installed 1.2.3 and I was able to heal this region without any issues.

I’m on a 2021 Macbook Pro M1 Max macOS 12.3.1

Thanks for reporting. This is indeed a bug which is fixed in the upcoming 1.4.x release.