How to sync the old and new timeline playheads within a matched region

I’ve learned by holding control while clicking within a region I can move a playhead within a matched region, but the old playhead does not follow to it’s matching sync point. Is there a way to snap playhead 2 to the matching sync point to playhead 1 so they play within a matched region? I’m trying to navigate within a matched region, instead of having to start from the beginning of the region every time.



Yeah, if you scrub in the “Matches and Diffs” view, you can control both old/new by scrubbing in the middle of the view, between the 2 rows of green match objects. Scrub above/ below and you control old/new.

You can also use the keyboard to navigate. Use Arrows or CMD-Arrows to nudge 1 fr or 10 fr. Add SHIFT/OPT to control just OLD/NEW. I think it’s CTRL-Arrows jumps to the next Matches boundary (like tabbing in Pro Tools)

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Thank You!!

seeking a feature where I can locate the playhead in old or new by pasting it in (this works great) then match the opposing playhead to the matching timecode in the opposing sequence.

I can do it by “dragging in the middle”

Example: I’ve got a show cut in reels, and I’m starting to work in a longplay version of the show (all reels combined to one long videofile.) I’ve got lots of small notes with old TC, and basically want to “conform” by copy/paste old TC, get new TC.

How to do?

…I can do it by “dragging in the middle” but sometimes this is quite cumbersome, for instance locating a specific frame in a 25min reel… takes a lot of fiddling with the transport to get it fine-tuned.

I can obviously paste the TC into a text file and run it through “conform” as tab delimited, but this is quite operationally cumbersome.

“conform TC in clipboard”
or “matchup new timecode from playhead in old sequence”
or “matchup old timecode from playhead in new sequence”
type of thing

sometimes it’s possible to use “match selected clip in opposing sequence” but not when you only have MOV files loaded, and no clips.

Oh, if I understand correctly, you can use the “Old playhead follows as reconformed” button. near bottom right. When you paste in the TC to NEW playhead, the old will jump to whatever the relevant timecode is with respect to the matches you already have

OK… Tried, and it’s working! Also I can swap new/old to reverse the process.

This is VERY useful when you’ve just reconformed, or built reels into a longplay, and find timecoded notes that reference the old timecodes from before the reconform.


Yeah, I wasn’t certain that it would work the same after switching the “master timeline” to OLD. Also note tat in that mode you can play or scrub or whatever you want and the OLD will always locate to the correct place

you know you can ask MB to locate your DAW to either the OLD or NEW playhead? Ranges even…

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