How to trigger the "match range info" popover?

Hi -

Occasionally I see a VERY informative popover when mousing over match ranges. It displays things like Old IN/OUT, New IN/OUT, and Offset. I’m especially interested in offset… as it’s displayed nowhere else, and I somewhat regularly want to manually slide some elements, and wish to know how much.

However this popover appears semi-randomly, and I’ve been utterly unable to figure out what makes it happen. I’ve tried: Long hover, long hover with slight wiggle, option click, cmd-click, right click… all of same on different parts of the UI…

What’s more, sometimes it appears and I’m overjoyed, then if I move my mouse a pixel it disappears.

Justin: what do I do to make it appear?

Currently Intel / Mojave OS / may update os soonish.

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The trick is right click then move the mouse a bit.
Not intentional design obviously. Something changed in a library we rely on and it’s on the list to fix.

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