Ilok Cloud support?

Can Matchbox work using Ilok Cloud?

Yep it can, good stuff as I forgot to bring my ilok home with me yesterday.
Now I just need to understand it all. It’s not quite self explanatory. I guess I’d better watch those videos :slight_smile:

iLok Cloud session it will activate your license into the Cloud, this means IF your license is in YOUR iLoK ACCOUNT (not in your iLok USB) you can use wherever you are, BUT the thing that you need to understand is CLOUD, you need internet. If it goes down for a few minutes it will close the iLok Cloud session. Another thing to know is IF you left open in another computer and you are at home, you can close the iLok Session and create one where you are. You can only have one iLok Cloud session open per iLok account.
I hope it helped.