Look what Dropped at Sound Particles... It would be a great feature in Spanner

Personally , I think using a phone via Bluetooth or Wifi would be a great addition to Spanner, an already awesome plugin.
Also, Is there any chance of making the Height Channels have a .4 option and have it breakout like the Exponential Reverbs ?

Just my 2 cents to make an already awesome product even better.


I have to disagree on the phone controller thing. We have considered something like this in the past but wrote it off as a gimmick. It’s a really interesting application of tech, but I don’t think it’s going to make anyone work faster or better or more creatively.

re: 4 x height channels:
Yes, we’d love to add that to Spanner, and in fact, it’s all set up under the hood.
The problem is that Pro Tools doesn’t offer a 7.1.4 bus internally - so there’s no way Spanner can work with that format. But you can be sure we’ll open it up if PT ever adds quad ceiling channels.


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Thanks for the reply.

Currently I am using a JLCooper PANNER in one hand and a Raven touch screen in the other to pan immersively utilising the PT planner.

I guess everything is muscle memory but sometimes it’s a little like rubbing your head and patting your tummy so to speak.

Tactile ergonomics are really useful I find. Horses for courses I guess.

I am aware of the timing differences between the bed and objects.

Exponential Audio that were bought by Isotope utilise the plug-ins outputs as inputs . Assigned to stereo objects you can create the .4 overheads.

What would be exceptional would be if you could make all the outputs assignable via the plug-in outputs so you could allocate them all to discrete DAPS inputs.

Just my 2 cents.