Matchbox copy paste the cursor TC

Hi there,
A new strange behavior here, When launching reconform, The start and end cursor timecode is stuck to the time line cursor position.
Of course an RANGE ERR block everything.
Any way to get out of this?

Not totally sure I understand the issue… but:
Did you accidentally turn off “link timeline and edit selection”?
It’s one of those tiny mode buttons at top left of PT edit window

I will try to reproduce with this option on or off to see if it’s coming from there.

The thing is that i had to do my reconform stem by stem . I try many times to select all the tracks (with folder and VCA) and at that point the reconform get stuck and show the range err message. I also get the request to enable plug ins parameter, this suggest that the paste fonction is not on the correct target track. SO i supposed that a track in my session is disturbing the process but i do not manage to identify it.
It was not the case before moving to PT 2024. I also try to remove the "marker follow edit " option, but nothing works. So i manually select track without folder one and launch the reconf.
Thank you for your help

I’d be interested to see an example - maybe a screen capture? Send you support @