Matchbox crashes after opening app

Strangely Matchbox is crashing after opening. It worked fine last week. Tried re-installing the app and restarting the system.

Hi Danny,

I’m having the same issue on my end. It worked fine yesterday and now it just keeps crashing when I open it. Tried the same things you did (restart, re-install the app), I even deleted the app and re-installed. None of that solved the issue.

It might be possible that something has changed on the server side. Maybe the app checks something there to run. Haven’t checked it on my laptop. If it crashes there too we know it must be something on their server.

That’s entirely possible. Just to throw this out there to the cargo cult peeps, I’m currently working on a dialogue edit with another editor. We’re re-conforming a new turnover. I built matchbox files on the entire film yesterday (10/9). Today I’m having an issue with the app (10/10). I was able to send him all the matchbox files I built and today he was able use matchbox to run the re-conforms. Not sure if that’s helpful but I figured more information is always best.

Should be solved now. No need to install anything new.
There was a tiny difference in a web server which provides the “latest version” info on startup. That server is fixed.

The next Matchbox release will avoid this ever happening again.

Yes. It works again. Thanks for the quick fix.

Same here! Thanks for the fix!