Matchbox Create Scene Track Error

Tried to “Create Scene Track Using Video” but got the message below. Any idea how to resolve this? I did a “Create Shot Track” using the same procedure and it worked perfectly. I’m using Protools as my DAW and created an audio track with a blank clip region timed to the video file.

Thank you.

“NO SCENE FOUND”. We cannot find any scenes in your session. Please check the regex used matches your file naming conventions.

Scenes can only be detected from “Clips” (e.g. from and EDL or AAF). We can find shot edges from a raw video file, but making a call on when it’s a scene change requires some human judgement.

Hi, I’m getting the same message popping up, however I am using the main video EDL to do it.

Here’s an example of the naming convention of the rushes. Does the scene num regex need to reflect this in some clever way?

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 21.40.22

Any thoughts much appreciated!


I tried video and audio edls. AAF’s and had some success but not 100% perfect like the Shot Cuts. Can’t answer for sure about naming and num regex. It alldpends how the edls were made, ie: what software system and specs. Haven’t seen a universal spec sheets that would translate for something like this.

Yeah, there’s no obvious scene number in that file name is there? It relies on finding a Scene Number.

It may just be that you have Matchbox set to use “File name” in preference to “clip name”. There’s a setting for that:

I’ll try some of these options. I wish the re was a spec that we can find and have the picture departments follow the guidelines so we can output without inconsistencies. We did that a long time ago with OMF then AAF. Once we figured out the bugs we made it convert correctly all the time. A little hard to do since this is not common use, yet.

This is the “spec sheet” you are wanting:

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Thanks for this. Most picture editors I work with edit Media Composer. I’ll send this along and see what happens compared to their normal workflow when turning over elements to Sound.