Matchbox cuts instead of copy and doesn't paste, 2022.10/1.5.7

Hi everyone. Matchbox cuts instead of copies, even if i checked the box in the reconform window. Furthermore, it doesn’t even paste to the new time selection. I’m using PT 22.10 under OSX12.6, Matchbox 1.5.7. Any ideas? I’m sure this has something to do with avids custom shortcut thing…

Sounds like either you have some custom key commands messing things up or…

You forgot to set up the OFFSET fields when running the reconform, and you’re actually pasting over top of yourself.

With MB1.5.7 and PT2022.12, you should be given a warning when your paste-location is already occupied by some clips on the pro tools tracks. Did you get that warning?

If none of this makes sense, maybe email us a video of the behaviour, along with the most recent Matchbox log file immediately after causing the issue.

Hi! None of these apply. Offsets are set correctly (10h/12h). I set protools shortcuts to default. Yeah, i’ll be sending you an email - thanks!

Oh boy… MAN am i stupid!!! You were absolutely right. Thank you, i swapped the offsets…

interested to know if you got that warning or not.
It’s a new feature.

Nope, didn’t get any warning. I just rechecked.

ah - PT2022.10.
The new feature works in 2022.12