Matchbox not pasting

Matchbox has just started not pasting while performing a conform. It still selects the in / out times, goes to my offset to paste, but then doesn’t paste anything. I have tried selecting both copy and cut, neither work. I am on Sonoma but have unchecked the ‘use protools API’ box.

I have performed dozens of conforms in the past, even one after switching to Sonoma which worked. I am not sure what changed. Any ideas?

Have you got Soundflow or some other macro app hijacking keystrokes?

and check the undo history in PT - is it showing “paste” events?

and try just on a single audio track with a guide track on it.

Have you switched to some non-english keyboard layout?

can’t think of anything else right now…

I do have have soundflow, but think I remember quitting it and retrying but still having the issue. I’ll try a conform tomorrow with it definitely off, along with a single audio track test and report back.