Matchbox pasting to wrong timecode in PT session

hello folks, I have a quick question about a matchbox issue I’ve run into. When I bump my session up exactly one hour in Pro Tools from 00:59:40:00 to 01:59:40:00 - and then in Matchbox pull in the old edl and a new edl in and copy offset one hour EVERY single time Pro Tools paste’s it to 00:59:58:00 in the session not 00:59:40:00 like the edl starts. is this some setting I’ve overlooked in PT or something I’m doing wrong in Matchbox? I’m at a loss! thanks in advance for your help here :slight_smile:


Mac OS big sure 11.6
PT 2023.9.0
Matchbox v1.5.19

guessing the first matched range is at 18 seconds into the reel. Check the timecodes of the matched ranges in MB. If the first one doesn’t match the location it pastes in Pro Tools, that would be a bug… but I suspect that’s not the case.