Matchbox stops conforming in pro tools

Newbie matchbox user here.
I’m trying to conform a pro Tools session to a new cut from the editor.
I’ve tried importing several different material into Matchbox: the old AAF:s (divided into 3 different AAF.s (dx, fx,mx,) + QuickTime videofile with its new counterparts; 3 AAF.s + new video. But also tried only the old videofile + my old bounce + new video file + new AAF.s.

Either way Pro Tools stops conforming after a few minutes, or continues the process but copying files from empty spaces between my original tc and the new offset tc. (My original session starts at, I´ve set the paste offset to The clips in the the offset region at 03.59.50 an onward is also completely wrong.

Here’s my settings and screenshot of my PT session.

I think you have misunderstood the OFFSET fields.
Those are offsets relative to whatever timecode ranges you have already in matchbox. So don’t enter the timecode location of your work into those fields. If your work starts at 01:59:50:00 and the data in matchbox is all starting at that same time, you don’t put any offset into the OLD OFFSET box.

Check out the block view at the bottom of that RECONFORM window - it shows where matchbox will perform the copy / pastes.

Thank you! I know that I´m not the smartest guy :grimacing:when in a hurry. Will try this!

Kind regards Arvid

Common mistake. We need to make it clearer in the UI.

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