Matching different frame rate sessions

Hello All,

I’m tasked with conforming the dubbing dialogues of 8 episodes that is switching from originally recorded to a video 25fps to final video at 23.98fps and I’m wondering if anyone has any experience using Matchbox for this purpose. Any workflow tips & advice would be much appreciated.

? Since Matchbox can’t load two different framerates into the timeline, what can be done
I’m just concerned about drifting audio and having to move a bunch of different clips manually.


You need to do the speed change inside pro tools.
Last time I did this (years ago) you needed to import the 25fps tracks to an empty session set to 24fps and do the pull down in the “import session data” window.
Then do it again for the 24 -> 23.98 conversion.

If you tried doing it all in one go, it made errors due to some bug in the logic.

Good luck!