MBox Matches EDL export for Reaper conform


We’re looking for a conform solution with Reaper, Matchbox looks great but it doesn’t quite do what we need.

In absence of Reaper support can we get an EDL export for the matches tab in the list view? The closest I can get is the media composer marker txt export but I’m not sure I can easily convert that to usable data…



Might have to wait for Reaper support sorry.
Are you cutting to picture in Reaper? Can you explain your rationale on this?

Thanks for the response. Yea we’re cutting to picture using Reaper, the rationale is that I work predominantly with video games where Reaper is ubiquitous and there is a set of tools that facilitate the rest of the audio process (Reaper to middleware to game engine) that only work with Reaper. The efficiency these tools give us out way any benefits that a more post-centric DAW (Protools, Nuendo) might give us.
I’ve run into another problem when using Matchbox with animations (rather than filmed sequences), lightning updates and VFX/animation (e.g. hair) often completely throw the matching process when using video files only. To the human eye these shots are the same, but are usually unmatched by matchbox, this is completely understandable, but I wondered if it was possible to relax the matching algorithm in some way to accommodate these kinds of changes?

re: matching updated shots:
Yes, we have some stuff in development which should make a difference.

Thanks, that sounds promising. Do you see a world where we’d get EDL or avid style changes notes from the matches?