MIDI trigger

Love the plugin, great idea!

Would be super nice if it could also be triggered via MIDI - not necessarily asking for an instrument version but maybe a MIDI node could work to control pitch / trigger (Fabfilter have a nice approach for integrating MIDI).

I knew this request was coming.
I was imagining just any midi note as a trigger event, as if it were a click on the input signal.

There are complications of course setting up for midi, but it doable if there are some convincing use cases.

So can you convince me with some use cases?

I used it on a couple of projects but both required tuned bass sounds to match other tracks.

I worked around it by punching automation in to change pitch, but it was a bit more fiddly than just routing a midi keyboard and hammering notes to figure out the right ones.

It would be good to be able to assign what midi does to the plugin. Some quick ideas:

  1. Control pitch of osc 1 / 2 or both
  2. Map velocity to control envelope pitch mod depth / loudness or both
  3. Keyboard tracking of filter (maybe just over 1/2 octaves - this suggestion is a bit of tangent)
  4. Trigger only but no pitch control (MIDI can be a bit flakey for timing but still useful IMO)
  5. Using pitch bend to modulate osc 1/2 or both